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Risk Factors for Structured Products

This is a non-collateralised product, investors rely on the credibility of the Issuer and its Guarantor. If the Issuer or its Guarantor is insolvent or defaults, investors may not recover part or all of the amount due. Before investing, you should understand the nature and risks of the product and consider whether the investment is suitable for your individual circumstances, and consult the related professional advisers. Warrants and CBBCs are complex products, in addition to the price of the underlying assets and their changes, there are other factors that affect the warrant price. The price of warrants and CBBCs may fall in value as rapidly as it may rise and investors may sustain a total loss of their investment. CBBCs have a mandatory call feature and may be terminated early, in such case, (i) an investor of category N CBBCs will not receive any cash payment; (ii) the residual value for category R CBBCs may be zero. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. In some cases, the liquidity provider of Goldman Sachs may be the only one on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that offer bid/ask quote for Goldman Sachs warrants and Goldman Sachs CBBCs. You should read in detail the relevant listing documents containing the terms and risk disclosures of warrants and CBBCs. The relevant listing documents can be downloaded from this website: www.gswarrants.com.hk

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Conflict of interest

The Issuer and its affiliates (“Goldman Sachs Group”) comprises a full-service securities firm and a commercial bank engaged in various securities trading and brokerage activities, as well as providing investment banking, asset management, financing, financial advisory services to a wide range of clients. As a result, Goldman Sachs Group may have potential conflicts of interest relating to those securities that you may purchase from us. In particular, Goldman Sachs Group may act as authorized participant or participating dealer in the purchase or sale of units from an ETF, act as a market maker or block positioner in the ETF units, contribute capital towards the formation of an ETF and may have a significant ownership interest in the ETF units. These activities could negatively affect the performance of the securities which you may be purchasing. It is also possible that the Goldman Sachs activities could result in substantial returns for Goldman Sachs Group while the value of the ETF units declines.

Goldman Sachs and its affiliates, its officers and employees may, from time to time, hold long or short positions on the securities or derivatives mentioned on this Website, buy or sell (whether as the party itself in another capacity), and act as a market maker for these securities or derivatives, or as a director of any company mentioned on this Website. In addition, Goldman Sachs may act as or have acted as a financing adviser and/or underwriter or manager to any public offering of securities of any of these companies. Goldman Sachs may also act as market maker or liquidity provider for such securities and/or derivatives.

Goldman Sachs Group may take proprietary positions and may have long or short positions or other interests in the Structured Products and may effect transactions or make markets in the Structured Products at any time in the open market or otherwise, in each case whether as principal, agent or as market maker. Goldman Sachs Group may also be involved in other financial, investment and professional activities such as providing advice or loans to, or participating in the underwriting or restructuring of the obligations of, the underlying companies of the Structured Products, which may on occasion give rise to interests or a conflict of interests in respect of the securities or Structured Products which are the subject of this Website.


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