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How do we use your information?

All personal data provided by you through this Website will be kept confidential, but Goldman Sachs (Asia) Limited and its subsidiaries ("Goldman Sachs") may provide such information to the following parties for the purposes stated in the section of "Possible Uses of Personal Data" (whether in or outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region):

  • Agents, contractors or other persons/third party service providers (including employees of such parties) who are required to know such information for the provision of services relating to the business operations of Goldman Sachs;
  • Any other person who owes duty of confidentiality to Goldman Sachs;
  • Members of the Goldman Sachs Group;
  • Any director, staff or employee of Goldman Sachs or any person authorized by Goldman Sachs during its operation (such as an attorney or adviser);
  • Performing disclosure obligations to any person in accordance with a legally binding requirement on Goldman Sachs or guidelines to be complied by Goldman Sachs as required by regulatory or other governing bodies;
  • Any actual or proposed assignee of Goldman Sachs, or a participant, affiliated participant or transferee of Goldman Sachs in relation to customer rights; and
  • Certain specific companies that aim to provide you with messaging service that Goldman Sachs considers to be of your interest.

Goldman Sachs expressly requires all members of Goldman Sachs Group, staff and third parties who are permitted to use your personal data to comply with confidentiality obligations from Goldman Sachs. For the purposes set out below in the section "Possible Uses of Personal Data", your personal data will be processed, stored and transferred or disclosed in any country (whether in or outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) that Goldman Sachs or any user considers appropriate. The information may also be provided or disclosed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws in the relevant country.

Possible Uses of Personal Data

Your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

  • Invite you to attend a seminar/ conference;
  • Manage this Website, compile user statistics on this Website and monitor the usage and performance of this Website;
  • Verify your identity and eligibility for certain products or services;
  • Provide you with the daily operation of the service;
  • Design financial services or related products for your use;
  • Promote services or products of Goldman Sachs;
  • Market research and statistical analysis;
  • Continuous account management;
  • Perform disclosure obligations in accordance with legally binding requirements on Goldman Sachs, or guidelines to be complied by Goldman Sachs as required by regulatory or other governing bodies;
  • Credit check;
  • Direct marketing (see below for details);
  • Facilitate Goldman Sachs’ actual or proposed transferee of, or the customer rights participant or affiliated participant to evaluate the transfer, participation or affiliate participation;
  • Any business or transaction related to Goldman Sachs or any other use related thereto.

Any personal data you provide through this Website will only be used for the services you wish to apply for and will not be used for purposes that you do not consent to.

Use of Your Personal Data in Direct Marketing

  • Your personal data may be used for direct marketing purposes, and Goldman Sachs must obtain your consent for this purpose (including no objection). In this regard, please note that Goldman Sachs may use client names, contact details, products and service portfolio information, trading patterns and behaviors, and financial background information held by Goldman Sachs from time to time for direct marketing.
  • Your personal data may be used for marketing: (i) finance, investment, banking and related services and products; (ii) customers or members or preferential programs and related services and products; (iii) services and products provided by co-brand partner of Goldman Sachs (The names of those co-brand partners will be set out on the application forms of those services and products); and (iv) donations for charitable and/or non-profit purposes.
  • The above services and products may be provided or requested by Goldman Sachs and/or the following parties (in relation to donations):

    (1)Company members of Goldman Sachs Group;
    (2)Third-party financial institutions, underwriters, credit card companies, securities and investment service providers;
    (3)Third-party rewards, customers or members, co-brands or special offers plan providers;
    (4)the brand partners of the company members of Goldman Sachs Group (the names of the brand partners will be set out on the application form of those services and products); and
    (5)Charitable or non-profit organizations.

  • In addition to direct marketing of the above services and products by Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs may also provide your personal data to all or any of the persons mentioned above for the purpose of promoting such services and products. Goldman Sachs must obtain your written consent (including no objection) for such purpose.
  • If Goldman Sachs receives a monetary return or other financial gains by providing your personal data to other persons, Goldman Sachs will notify you when Goldman Sachs is obtaining your consent or no objection.

Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Ordinance"), you have the right to:

  • Inspect whether Goldman Sachs possesses your personal data and review such information;
  • Request Goldman Sachs to amend, stop using your personal data or providing your personal data to other persons;
  • Understand Goldman Sachs' policies and practices regarding your personal data;
  • Be informed of the type of personal data possessed by Goldman Sachs; and
  • Know the actual or intended main purpose of possession of your personal data by Goldman Sachs.

For any request to access or correct your personal data, or to obtain the relevant policies and practice regarding such data and the type of personal data being held, please contact the Goldman Sachs Warrants CBBC Hotline at 2978-2978 for enquiry.

Under the terms of the Ordinance, Goldman Sachs has the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing any request for access to personal data.


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Security of your personal data

Goldman Sachs hopes to protect the quality and completeness of your personal identification data. After Goldman Sachs receives the information from you, it will dedicate its best effort to ensure the security of the data in Goldman Sachs' system. Goldman Sachs implements a strict security system to prevent anyone (including Goldman Sachs staff) from obtaining your personal data without authorization.

Other website links

This Website contains hyperlinks to other websites that are not operated or monitored by Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs will not be liable for the privacy policy or content of such websites. Goldman Sachs recommends that you read the privacy policy of these websites carefully and understand how these websites protect your personal data and whether the related measures are safe and reliable.

The content of this statement does not limit your rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

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