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MSCI China A 50 Connect Index Futures
Open: 2,185.00
High: 2,196.00
*Prev. price at 16:00: 2,171.00
Low: 2,174.40
Open Interest: 21,015Y
MSCIA5C(Call) 10682
Strike:2,500.00 (OTM)
Eff. Gearing(x): 12.08
MSCIA5C(Put) 10575
Strike:1,700.00 (OTM)
Eff. Gearing(x): 11.5
MSCIA5C(Call) 10681
Strike:2,400.00 (OTM)
Eff. Gearing(x): 14.95
MSCIA5C(Put) 10775
Strike:1,780.00 (OTM)
Eff. Gearing(x): 5.4
* Index moves, close price (orange line) are displayed as of yesterday’s Hong Kong market close at 16:00
Last Updated: 2023-03-29 11:55 (15 minutes delayed)
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